Executive Committee Information

2016 - 2017 Executive Committee

The executive commiteee is also known as the Board

President: Jennifer Castner 205 Oakland, (2014-2017)

Vice-President: Mike Benedict, 147 Oakland, (2015-2018)

Treasurer: Alan Munn, 164 Oakland, (2015-2018)

Secretary: Kay Ruekberg, 227 Oakland, (2014-2017)

Communications: Jeffrey Johnson, 144 Maplewood (2014-2017)


Philip Eisenlohr, 236 Oakland (2015-2018)
Bill Martin, 204 Oakland (2016-2019)
Robert O’Meara, 152 Maplewood (2016-2019)
Kathy Prince, 237 Oakland (2016-2019)

The board elections are held at the neighborhood picnic each September.

This is a static list. If you want to contact the board via e-mail, please use the 'Contact Us' menu.

Executive Committee (Board) Minutes


For Executive Committee Members Only - Access to the Executive Committee Listserv

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