Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting
Monday, April 12, 2010 6:30 pm
Present: Jan Bernsten, Nella Davis-Ray, Tim Dawson, Peter Knupfer, Sally Lloyd, Kristin Rosenbrook and Tom Wibert
Absent: Joe Skwara and Carl Lira.
Approval of minutes
The January 25, 2010 board meeting minutes were approved with no amendments.
Action Items Update
The following updates were provided on action items from theJanuary 25, 2010 meeting:
1.      Collecting remaining 2010 membership dues - Tim wants to try to make contact with homeowners to collect remaining 2010 membership dues. Tim would like an updated list of all Brookfield households that have not paid FY2010 dues. It was suggested that a dues reminder should be posted on the website. We also discussed the option of identifying non-resident homeowners and contact by mail for dues. New Action Item: Post dues reminder and the association bylaws to the website.
2. Archiving Brookfield Information - Tom Wibert & Peter Knupfer are the subcommittee. Tom reported that Mike Benedict had Brookfield information for the subcommittee to review. Later in the meeting Peter brought to posters from Mike. The posters included photos and other Brookfield documents.   New Action Item: Peter to scan and upload documents to the website.Some additional discussion about what Brookfield Neighborhood information should be archived.Agreement that house specific information (ex. blueprints, alternation info, landscape plans) should be maintained with the house. 
Treasurer’s Report -
Joe Skwara was unable to attend meeting but did not provide a written report. His 4/7/10 email message to the Board was, “There has been no financial activity since my last report.”
Action Item: Have Joe verify that Excel spreadsheet showing FY10 dues paid as of 11-12-09 is still current. Tim would like to use list to identifying homes to visit to collect remaining 2010 membership dues.
Old Business
1.      Brookfield Website – Some Board members having problems with creating accounts, posting information to site, etc. Suggested “lunch & learn” with Carl/Peter to learn more about using the Brookfield site. Peter encouraged all to email him if we are having any problems. Reminder that two neighborhood listservs have been created for email communication. Please use 'announcements at brookfieldneighborhood.net'  to send neighborhood announcements. This list is moderated by Carl & Peter. Please use 'board at brookfieldneighborhood.net' to communicate amongst the board members. Peter mentioned that the system will delete email addresses on the list after a certain number of bounce backs. Neighborhood members should be reminded to provide updated/new email addresses.
2.      Welcome package - Tom brought a number of Welcome packets with him that the Board will use this year for any new Brookfield neighbors. Kristin Rosenbrook volunteered to be the “Welcome Lady”. All the packets were given to Kristin for her use. 
Action Items: Kristin to visit the new homeowners at 147 Maplewood to provide packet, inform homeowners about association and website, collect email address(es) to add to 'announcements at brookfieldneighborhood.net'and to gather information about new neighbors for newsletter/website piece.
3.      Brookfield Brochure – No activity on draft brochure since last Board meeting.
Action Items:
-         Nella to ask Dawn Parker to review and edit brochure.
-         Nella to check on printing & folding costs for 100 – 500 brochures.
-         Peter to check with GLAR about distribution of brochure to realtors.
4.   Newsletter – Peter is planning on doing Spring/Summer newsletter. It will feature the       new website, tree update, summer activities. Please send newsletter material and ideas to Peter.
New Business
Brookfield Tree Update – Pat Robinson joined the meeting to give the Board an update and her recommendations for 2010 planting. Last fall, two trees were purchased and planted on Oakland at the cost of $785. The homeowners, Alan Munn & Manny Hackel generously donated a total of $600 to the Association’s tree fund. Both trees made it through the winter in great condition. Pat recommended purchasing two more trees this fall. One to be planted at 235 Maplewood and the other on Roseland. One of the two sites needs to have small dead tree removed. Funds are available to purchase two more trees this fall. Pat will be reimbursed for the cost.
Action Items: Pat to survey the trees this summer to identify locations for 2011 tree plantings. Pat will make recommendations to Board in the fall or next spring.
Updates –Neighborhood Presidents meeting - Tim has been attending the Neighborhood Presidents meetings held with the mayor. Action Item: Tim will post Presidents meeting update to the website.
Other Concerns
1.      Break-in - Tom gave an update on the break-in that occurred at 277 Maplewood. Kristin thanked Peter for promptly sending out the neighborhood announcement. 
2.      Website development - Motion: Association to express their gratitude to Carl Lira for all his hard work on the development of the Brookfield website. Motion seconded and approved by the Board.
3.      Dave Drolshagen’s death - Motion: Association to express their sympathy by sending flowers to his funeral/memorial or honoring the wishes of the family. Motion seconded and approved by the Board.
Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.
REMINDER: Next Board meeting is Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 6:30. Location to be determined.