Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting on February 20, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

The meeting was attended by current board members Jennifer Castner, Mike Benedict, Bill Martin, Kathy Prince, Robert O’Meara, and Philip Eisenlohr. Absent: Jeff Johnson, Alan Munn

Minutes from the 1/17/2017 meeting were approved.

BRT Update

Mike Benedict is following this and will continue to do so directly with Brad Funkhouser of CATA. Ours is the only historic neighborhood that is significantly impacted by the BRT proposal, as others do not directly border Grand River Blvd. The location of a bus stop is our biggest concern and we should continue to push for locating it at Brookfield Rd. and not Oakland Dr. if the project goes forward.

Treasurer’s Report

We currently have a balance of $3,700. Tree replacement fund donations have been received.

The treasurer’s report was approved.


Most residents have made the transfer to Listserve. Alan will try to reach the residents who have still not converted over. The board discussed whether or not board meeting minutes should remain available to the public (as it now stands), or limited to protected access by website-subscribed residents only.

Deed Restrictions Committee Update

We have been advised to seek out expert legal advice concerning updating our deed restrictions and removing the racial restrictions clause. EL City Hall deems it a board/neighborhood issue and other historic neighborhoods have not indicated reported any similar experience. Robert O’Meara will be meeting with Congressman Sam Singh in March for advice on this topic and also to communicate BHNA views on the CATA-BRT project. Henceforth, the deed restrictions will be accessible on the website with through a neighborhood user account. Mike and Robert will report back on progress at the next board meeting.

Directory Update

Mike has been working on compiling an up-to-date neighborhood directory and he will follow up with outstanding residents for permission to include their contact information. Web-based access to the directory will be by use of neighbor account only. Each resident’s retains the right to determine what, if any, information to share.

Newsletter Planning

Our last neighborhood newsletter was in August 2016. The next newsletter will be published in

August 2017 and newsletter contents will be planned at the next board meeting.

Tree Replacement Fundraiser

Wes Reedy (Oakland Drive) has volunteered his services to sharpen neighbor’s yard tools as a way to raise money for the tree fund. Another idea was to have a neighborhood yard sale day where residents could hold a yard sale on their own property on a selected date and possibly contributing proceeds to the tree fund.

History of the Neighborhood

Mike Benedict continues to compile the history of our neighborhood, he is trying to confirm dates homes were built and how neighborhood development was impacted by national and world events, such as The Great Depression. Mike will share another draft and ask for any other contributions residents might be able to add to the history.

Neighborhood Boombox/Sound System

Philip Eisenlohr purchased a boombox for the neighborhood to be used at the annual picnic/neighborhood meeting. It is being kept at Philip’s house and can be loaned out to neighbors as well.

Annual Meeting and Picnic 2017

The annual all neighborhood meeting and picnic is scheduled for Sunday, September 10, 2017.

The next board meeting will be May 8, 2017 and will focus on newsletter content and committee updates.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:00.

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