Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting on May 8, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

The meeting was attended by current board members Jennifer Castner, Bill Martin, Kathy Prince, Philip Eisenlohr, Jeff Johnson, Alan Munn, Kay Ruekberg.

Absent: Mike Benedict.

Minutes from the February 20, 2017 meeting were approved.

Deed Restrictions Update

There is no new information on how to change the deed restrictions document regarding the racial restrictions clause. Mike Benedict will contact Mayor Mark Meadows, but it was suggested by Kathy Prince that, at this point, it appears the board will have to seek legal counsel in order to move forward with the removal of verbiage from the deed restrictions.

A motion to meet with an attorney with a budget of $500 using a an agreed upon set of questions from board members prior to such meeting was approved by the board.

Kathy and Jennifer will head the search for an appropriate attorney. Kathy and Jennifer present the board for input a proposed list of questions/topics to be discussed with the lawyer prior to meeting the lawyer.

Treasurer’s Report

The current balance is $3,621. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Board Member Recruitment

Board member Robert O’Meara resigned the board in May due to moving out of the neighborhood. This creates an at-large board vacancy. Board members with terms ending this year include Jennifer Castner, Jeff Johnson, and Kay Ruekberg. Jennifer Castner and Jeff Johnson volunteered to serve another term. This will leave 2 board member openings needing to be filled this year. This topic will be revisited at the next board meeting and board members were encouraged to seek potential new board members.

Newsletter Planning

Topics to include in our next newsletter were discussed. Some topic suggestions included summary of the tree work done by BWL, deed restriction update, picnic/annual meeting announcement, neighborhood dues reminder, neighborhood history, tool sharpening offered by Wes Reedy, locking up of vehicles overnight.

Annual Meeting and Picnic 2017

The planning of the annual picnic and assignment of responsibilities among the board members will be discussed and decided at the July board meeting on July 31, 2017.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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