Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Minutes
January 22, 2018


1.    Call to order

Phil called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Grand Traverse Pie Company meeting room.

2.    Roll call

Present: Hassan Alizadeh, Jennifer Castner, Phil Eisenlohr, John Hays, Jeff Johnson, Bill Martin, Alan Munn and Mike Benedict.
Absent: Kathy Prince.

3.    Guests

Heather Robertson, Donna Mullins, Liz Miller, Beth Miller, Dave Finet, and Chris Roots of E.L. Info.

4.    October 16, 2017 minutes.

It was moved by Jennifer and seconded by Alan to approve the October 16, 2017 minutes as presented. All yeas. Motion carried.

5.    Comments from the floor

Heather Robinson raised concerns about abusive comments sent out over the neighborhood Facebook page. She requested that rules of conduct be established to reduce or eliminate the behavior. It was moved by Jennifer and supported by Alan that Jennifer will search out a moderator for our Facebook page who is not a Board member. All yeas. Motion carried.

6.    Treasurer’s Report

Alan reported that there are no substantial changes in the financial condition of the Association. He noted that there is currently a balance of $3,277 in available funds. He also noted that Tim and Cyndee Dawson contributed $200 to the tree fund.

7.    Illegal neighborhood covenants

John provided a brief synopsis of actions to date to try and remove illegal language from the neighborhood covenants. He suggested the Board consider asking for a declaratory judgment from the circuit court which would allow the Association to remove the illegal language. Further suggestions included seeking the advice of a lawyer experienced in community issues to review this matter, finding out how other neighborhood associations in and out of the city have dealt with this issue, and approaching the State Legislature to approve legislation which would allow this language to be deleted from the covenant. It was moved by Mike and seconded by Jennifer to expand the illegal neighborhood covenant committee to include Liz and Beth Miller. All yeas. Motion carried.

8.    Traffic issues on Roseland

Jennifer and Bill indicated they had not done much work on this matter because the winter weather naturally slows down traffic through the neighborhood. They will study this matter when the weather warms and the streets are cleared of ice and snow.

9.    Changes to the Constitution

Jeff and Mike indicated they had drafted an amended constitution. It was moved by Mike and seconded by Jennifer that the draft constitution be reviewed prior to the next meeting of the Board and acted on by the Board at its May meeting. If a draft is approved, it will then go to the neighborhood for consideration with the neighborhood voting on the amended constitution at the annual meeting of 2018. All yeas. Motion carried.

10.    Adjournment

There being no further business, the Board adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Draft minutes prepared by Mike Benedict, Secretary



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