Neighborhood Covenant Modification Process

The Brookfield Board is working on a path to eliminate racist language from the covenant established in 1924. The Board is providing copies of the Affidavits and Lot Numbers linked below. See the mailing from September for more information, or updates to this post. The Board is asking for signatures on all affidavits so they can move forward with whichever option the neighbors support without needing to request signatures for contingencies at a later date.

Description of the process. (updated 11/2/19)


Bring yourselves, legal ID, and get your affidavits notarized on NOVEMBER 9TH. It will be take place at Jennifer Castner’s home at 205 Oakland Drive from 3-5pm.

The Brookfield Board has provided updated forms that are more easily fillable 11/4/19
Affidavits in Word Format    Affidavits in PDF Format

Lot Numbers to assist in filling out affidavits.