2021, September 12

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

Sept 12, 2021


Roll call (Jeff Johnson, Philip Eisenlohr, Alan Munn, Nicole Mostellar, Gail and Carl Lira, Judy Putnam and Bob Dwidz, John Hays, Anne Eisenlohr, Nella Davis Ray, Diane Kearns, David Hopkinson, Sally Lloyd, Steve Beckman, Aaron Preuss, Jennifer, and Steve Castner, Alice Schehr, Shaina, S Crosson)

  1. Started 4:05 pm
  2. Alan – Treasurers report
    1. $1,515 in dues/donations this year
    2. No expenditures
    3. Earned $900 from garden walk – will post this FY
  3. John Hays – no progress on having racial language deleted from the covenant
    1. Discussion on if our Neighborhood Assoc falls in the category of a Property Owners Association – but it wasn’t until after the covenant was already in place
    2. Remaining property owners signatures – only need to be witnessed (not notarized)
    3. Strategy to establish committees on each street to gather remaining signatures
    4. Currently at 60% - need to contact out of state property owners
    5. Covenants renew in 2024 (goal to erase that language before we renew)
  4. Nicole Mostellar (City Council of East Lansing – gave an update)
    1. Construction in our neighborhood
    2. Mayor Jesse Gregg, Mayor Stevens resigned
    3. Police oversight commission
      1. Interviewed over 40 applicants for this commission
      2. Human Rights Commission – review police department complaints
      3. Albert al fresco area (closed to vehicles for the summer)
      4. Local art in Division street garage
      5. Maybe close Albert next summer
    4. Changes in Directors
    5. Rental overlay district
      1. Bills @ state-level – city council will talk about that this Tuesday
  5. Pat – tree update
    1. 2 trees to be planted after road construction completed
    2. New park and rec director – will be involved with seeing
    3. Deer control – 70 deer shot
    4. Let Pat know if deer are destroying trees (particularly new ones)
    5. Let her know if any additional trimming is needed
    6. Plan to do a deer cull again this fall
  6. Voting
    1. 4 seats and 3 candidates (3-3 year positions and 1 1-year position)
    2. Gail Lira, Alice Schehr, Steve Beckman, and Philip Eisenlohr
    3. Alan moved to accept meeting minutes – Jennifer C seconded and no one opposed
    4. Alan moved to accept candidates (Philip for 1-year position), and unanimously supported
  7. Candidates for City Council
    1. Daniel Bollman
    2. George Brookover
    3. Ron Bacon
    4. Adam DeLay
    5. Mikey Manuel
    6. Dana Watson

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 pm.

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