Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting
September 13, 2009
6 pm
Present: Jan Bernsten, Nella Davis-Ray, Tim Dawson, Dave Drolshagen, Peter Knupfer, Carl Lira, Sally Lloyd, Joe Skwara and Tom Weibert
Absent: Kristin Rosenbrook
Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Board members had a short meeting to elect officers. Peter Knupfer agreed to serve this year as the communications officer and Joe Skwara agreed to serve this year as the treasurer. Motion to have the remaining current officers to continue serving another year was seconded and approved by the Board.
2010 Neighborhood Association Board
President – Tim Dawson, 103 Oakland 333-8654
Vice President – Dave Drolshagen, 155 Maplewood 332-6565, ddrols at comcast.net
Treasurer – Joe Skwara, 144 Oakland Drive, 507-3205
Secretary - Nella Davis-Ray, 164 Maplewood, 281-3488, nelladr at comcast.net
Communications – Peter Knupfer, 120 Oakland Drive, 351-6677
Members at Large
-         Jan Bernsten
-         Carl Lira
-         Sally Lloyd
-         Kristin Rosenbrook
-         Tom Wibert
Action Items:
Nella Davis-Ray to email all Board members with late October/early November date(s) for next meeting.
Dave & Tim volunteered to canvas neighborhood to collect remaining 2010 membership dues.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:30 p.m.
The September 13, 2009 minutes were approved with one amendment at the October 20, 2009 Board meeting . Tom Wibert’s name had been omitted. His name was added as a 2010 Neighborhood Association Board member at large.


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