MINUTES, JULY 16, 2012

     The July 2012 board meeting of the Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Board was held at the home of Judy Cunningham, and called to order at 7:25 P.M. by president Rhoda Wolff.  Members present were Sally Lloyd, Dawn Parker, Dave Betts, Wayne Claycombe, Carl Lira, Judy Putnam, Judy Cunningham, and Rhoda Wolff. 

     Announcements were made, including welcoming and introducing Beth Blythe to the meeting, who has agreed to welcome new neighbors in Brookfield for the rest of this year, and introducing our guest speaker, Pat Robinson,  who came to up date us about the trees in our neighborhood.  Judy Cunningham let the board know that a sympathy card had been sent from the board to the wife and family of Manny Hackel who recently passed away.

  1.  SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Copies of the April board meeting were distributed by Judy Cunningham.  There were no additions or corrections, the minutes were accepted as read.
  1.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sally Lloyd presented the treasurer’s report.  As of June 30, 2012, our neighborhood association had $1857.96 in savings, $1243,27 in checking, $19.12 in the Pay Pal account, for a total of $3120.35.  Sally reported that 56 of 94 neighbors have paid dues for 2012.  Her report was moved, seconded, and accepted.
  1. SPECIAL TREE REPORT  Pat Robinson, a neighbor who has been looking after our trees for many years attended the meeting to give us an update on the current status of tree care with this drought, and replacing trees.  She handed out a list of ways to keep trees healthy, the city of East Lansing’s web address, and her home phone number, in addition to the city Dept. of Public Works phone number where home owners can get more information.  Pat said that three trees likely will be replaced this fall by us, and that they are hybrid red and silver maples from Oregon.  Wayne moved that we print Pat’s information and pass it out door to door and/or put it on our web site.  It was seconded and passed.  We thanked Pat for her very helpful information and for attending our meeting.
  1. OLD BUSINESS:  We discussed the proposed by-law changes that Dave Betts and Wayne Claycombe have worked on after we read them on our computers and some print outs.  These suggestions must be voted on at the annual meetng and passed by a simple majority of a quorum of neighborhood members present.  The proposed changes will be posted on our web site prior to the annual meeting and also there will be copies distributed door-to-door two weeks prior to the annual meeting along with an announcement of the picnic to all residences in the neighborhood.  Copies will also be available for reading at the meeting on September 9 or 16.  Dave Betts has agreed to print these forms and the board has agreed to reimburse Dave for his expenses to do so.  Article X of the Constitution says that a formal proposal is needed 30 days  prior to the annual meeting to change the by-laws.  After discussion by the board, it was moved and seconded that we accept the proposal to change them.  All board members but one were present at the meeting.
  1.  Hospitality:  Beth Blythe reported that she has welcoming packets but has not yet known of new neighbors, so several board members gave her names and addresses of people new to the neighborhood.
  2.   Picnic:  The date of the picnic/annual meeting has been set for September 9, 2012, with a rain date of September 16.  It will be held on Maplewood this year, from 4 - 6 P.M.  A separate picnic planning meeting will be held at another time which Rhoda will schedule.
  1.   ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Cunningham,



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