The January 2013 board meeting was held at Dawn Parker’s home and called to order at 7:40 P.M. by president Rhoda Wolff.  Members present were Beth Blythe, Wayne Claycombe, Dave Betts, Nancy Knupfer, Alan Munn, Rhoda Wolff, Dawn Parker, and Judy Cunningham.

  1. SECRETARY’S REPORT.  Minutes of the October, 2012 board meeting were distributed by Judy Cunningham.  There were no additions or corrections, and it was moved and seconded to accept the minutes as written.
  2. TREASURER’S REPORT.  Alan Munn reported that we have a checking account balance of $1674.69 and a savings account balance of $1859.70.  Since our last board meeting we have had an expense of $121.87 to renew our web space for the year, and received membership dues of $154.12.  We moved and accepted this report.
  3. OLD BUSINESS.  A. We continued our previous discussions regarding city requirements for informing the neighborhood residents of important matters such as changes in by-laws, membership drives, annual meetings, etc., and after much discussion, we decided to first send information by email to all members belonging to the neighborhood association.  Mailings will be sent to those who are not members.  Dawn clarified for us after talking with Laurie Hoffman, clerk for the city, that they don’t care how we notify people.  It was moved and seconded and passed that we notify neighbors however we want to.
    1. We next talked about the huge street work beginning in March and how we will be impacted by it.  Dave mentioned that the MDOT engineers are the best people to contact if there are concerns, and that the Brookfield area should be completed in August.  Rhoda will write a letter to MDOT with our concerns about traffic cutting through the neighborhood.
    2. The neighborhood history was the next topic.  When the by-laws changed in September, the secretary became the one to keep items pertaining to history of our neighborhood for three years and pass those on to the next secretary.  We all talked about this and felt we should abide by the by-laws.  It was also mentioned that the E. L. Library has an extensive history of our neighborhood.
    3. Dawn reported on the E.L. City Council’s reaction to  ordinance 1288, having to do with rent without rental licenses for two years.  It was sent back to the housing commission and we moved and seconded to check the city council web site and read about it before we take a stand on this.
  4. ADJOURN. 9:05 p.m.   Next meeting April 17, Rhoda’s, 7:30 p,m.






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