Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting April 24, 2014


The quarterly meeting of the BHNAB was held at 185 Maplewood Drive and called to order at 7:00 pm. Attending were David Betts, Beth Blythe, John Boughman and Wayne Claycombe. Absent with prior excuse were Alan Munn, Rhoda Wolff, Dawn Parker and Nancy Knupfer. Absent without notice was Erica Beattie. There not being a quorum present, no business requiring Board action was conducted. Also attending was East Lansing Police Officer Chad Pride who briefly presented the City’s new Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness program information. It was decided to have the full presentation made to the Association meeting in September. Also invited to attend the Board meeting but not able to arrive until after the meeting was Bill Perialas, Manager of BWL’s Community Service and Community Relations division. He agreed to attend the next Board meeting and possibly present at the Association meeting.

David Betts requested that the members present serve on a nominating committee to recommend a slate of new Board members. The term of three members is expiring this year and a fourth member has been removed for failure to attend consecutive meetings without cause as required in the Association’s Constitution. Beth Blythe agreed to hold a nominating committee meeting in late May or early June.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Submitted by David Betts

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