Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Meeting Notes from November 18, 2015 Board Meeting

Roll Call

The meeting was attended by BHNA Board members Mike Benedict, Beth Blythe, John Boughman, Jennifer Castner, Philip Eisenlohr, Jeff Johnson, Kay Ruekberg, and Ed Swanson.

Treasurer’s Report

Alan Munn was unable to attend.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The minutes are posted on the BHNA website.

New Business

BHNA President Ed Swanson discussed the following agenda items:

  • The BHNA provided a $20 gift certificate to our neighbors, the Whelan family, as they struggle to recover from a catastrophic car accident.
  • President Swanson brought up the issue of whether BHNA board members need separate BHNA board email addresses. There was some discussion, but the board mostly agreed that using our individual email addresses would be preferable.
  • A proposal was put forward to change some of the outdated language in the neighborhood covenant (particularly some of the offensive provisions). It is possible that 100% of neighborhood homeowners would be needed to make such a change. The board formed a committee to look into this issue, including whether or not we would need a lawyer. Kay Ruekberg agreed to head this committee.
  • Mike Benedict brought up the possibility of hosting the new mayor, Mark Meadows, at one of our meetings.
  • President Swanson congratulated the town on doing such a good job on the leaves this year.

Next Meeting

The next meeting was supposed to take place at John Boughman’s home (216 Maplewood Drive) on January 20, 2016 at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, John will be out of town that day. A new venue has yet to be determined.

Other business



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