Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Executive Committee Minutes

July 30, 2018 


1. Call to order 

Philip called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Grand Traverse Pie Company meeting room. 

2. Roll call 

Present: Phil Eisenlohr, John Hays, Alan Munn, Bill Martin, Kevin Poli and Mike Benedict. 

Absent: Jennifer Castner, Hassan Alizadeh and Jeff Johnson.  

Guests: No guests were present. 

3. Approval of previous meeting minutes. 

It was moved by John and seconded by Bill to approve the May 14, 2018 minutes as amended. All yeas. Motion carried. 

4. Treasurer’s report.

Alan reported on the account balances as of 07/30/2018. There is $103.32 in checking and $3,008.86 in savings for a grand total of $3,112.18. He also noted there were expenses for web hosting (an annual fee) of $131.88 and domain registration (an annual fee) of $14.95 for a grand total of $146.83.

It was moved by Kevin and seconded by Mike to approve the report. All yeas. Motion carried. 

5. Comments from the floor. 

There were no comments from the floor.

 6. Committee reports:

A. Illegal neighborhood covenants – John reported he has found a Michigan case that says if you don’t have a provision to remove language from a covenant, the language can only be removed where there is 100% concurrence by the neighborhood association.  Therefore, the only option left to the BHNA seems to be going to Court for a declaratory judgment asking the Court to approve removing the language. John will likely be the plaintiff and the Association will need an attorney to represent us. John is researching attorneys to see who should be contracted and he will work with the attorney to keep costs down. He also will work with Jennifer to prepare an article for the newsletter explaining the Board’s actions. 

B. Traffic committee – Bill indicated that after careful but casual observation of traffic in the neighborhood, there does not seem to be a serious traffic problem. The committee, however, will request the city do a traffic study in the fall after students return to college. 

C. Amended Constitution – Mike reported there have been no comments received regarding the amended Constitution. He will work with Jennifer to prepare a brief synopsis of changes that have been proposed and why the Board feels they are necessary. 

7. Newsletter items to be sent out prior to the Neighborhood Annual Meeting:

A. Traffic report

B. Illegal neighborhood covenants

C. Amended Constitution

D. Election of Officers to the Board

8. Neighborhood picnic planning – certain duties were assigned as follows:

A.  Alan to prepare an agenda.

B.  Mike to try and encourage people to run for the Board.

C.  Jeff to collect signatures on Maplewood to petition the street to be closed for the picnic (already done by Philip, Aug 7). 

D.  Notice of meeting to be handled by Jennifer and Bill.

E.  Jeff to inventory what products we have and what we need for the picnic. 

F.  Alan to ask people to bring card tables and chairs. He will also contact the balloon guy and work with Erin to get a popcorn machine for the day. He will also put out signs letting people know of the picnic, write a $50 check to the city as required by city ordinance, and see if he can find a barbecue for the day.

G.  Philip will write a letter to the city to get approval for the picnic. 

H.  Bill will put up and take down the barricades provided by the city on the day of the picnic.

I.  The Board will meet at Alan’s home at 164 Oakland Drive for a meeting to further discuss plans for the picnic and annual meeting. The meeting will be on August 30 at 7:30 p.m.

9. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m. 

Minutes drafted by Mike Benedict, Secretary 

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