BHNA Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2019

Present: Phil Eisenlohr, John Hays, Bill Martin, Jennifer Castner, Heather Robertson, Jeff Johnson, Alan Munn
Absent: Hassan Alizadeh, Kevin Poli Guests: Nicole Bartell
1. Call to order

Philip called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Grand Traverse Pie Company. We approved the minutes
from the January 14, 2019 meeting.

2. Treasurer’s report - No unusual expenses, balance ~$2800.
3. City of East Lansing staff liaison – Nicole Bartell – introductions, also serves Hawthorne and Bailey
4. Discussions:

A. Illegal deed restrictions covenants –

1. The group reviewed the committee’s work, including renewal/amendment and legislative
2. The Deed Restrictions Committee proposes to do three things: 1) renewing the deed restrictions, 2)
amend the deed restrictions to allow for 2/3s vote for changing them, and 3) removing the racist
3. Proposed timeline: Introductory letter mid-summer, first signatures gathered at annual picnic in
September, then “signing parties”, then individual outreach, then by process server.
4. Notaries must not derive benefit from the transaction; past BHNA renewals have used
neighborhood-based notaries. Nicole Bartell will check with city attorney about what constitutes
“beneficial interest” in terms of who may serve as a notary.
5. Jennifer Castner will draft the introductory letter, John Hays will begin drafting language for each of
the 3 proposals and their affidavits (deletion, addition, renewal). We will use the introductory letter to
gauge initial response and reevaluate.
Motion: We proceed with the process as described toward renewing the deed restrictions and
removing the racial restrictions and seeking member approval to add a provision to allow
amendment of the Deed Restrictions by <100% (amount TBA). (Motion passed unanimously.)
6. For future board consideration and discussion: funding notary fees, funding potential legal/process
server fees (<$10,000), and recording fees ($38 filing fee x 98 properties = $3724).
7. John Hays will continue to monitor a legislative proposal that would give neighborhood boards the
power to amend real estate restrictions.

B. Welcoming committee – nothing to report
C. Tree Solicitation Fund – nothing to report
D. Next meeting is July 29. We will discuss annual meeting and picnic at that time.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm. Minutes drafted by Jennifer Castner, Communications.