Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Board

October 7, 2019


Present: Alan Munn, Jeff Johnson, Philip Eisenlohr, John Hays, Nella Davis-Ray, Ben Flietstra, Jennifer Somerville, Jennifer Castner

Absent: Diane Kearns

 We approved the minutes from the 7/29/2020. Jennifer Castner will recirculate the minutes from the meeting to new board members.

  1. Election of board officers –
    1. President – Ben Flietstra
    2. Vice President – Jeff Johnson
    3. Secretary – Jennifer Somerville
    4. Communications – Nella Davis-Ray
    5. Treasurer – Alan Munn
    6. At-Large Members – Jennifer Castner, John Hays, Diane Kearns, Philip Eisenlohr

This motion passed unanimously. We are awaiting updates to the website and board listserve pending the webmaster’s return from international travel.

  1. The group set the annual meeting calendar, with meetings to be held at 7:30pm at the Grand Traverse Pie Company –
    1. October 7, 2019
      January 27, 2020
      May 11, 2020
      July 20, 2020
      September 13, 2020 – Annual Meeting and Potluck, 4-6pm (rain date Sep 20, 2020) on Maplewood
    2. Treasurers Report - $720 in dues were received during the annual meeting and an additional $180 to support the cost of the deed restrictions renewal process. Providing return envelopes in the newsletter mailing has a noticeable positive impact on dues income. $3700 is our current rough balance.
    3. The board discussed the tree report made at the annual meeting. Late fall annual tree replacement costs are still unknown; we are hopeful that the City will be able to cost-share again this year.
    4. The board discussed the Deed Restrictions amendment and renewal process. We agreed to identify the most challenging properties and work on them first while also hosting signing parties and seeking other signers. The group reviewed all the properties to assess which properties might require extra effort. Jennifer Castner will host a signing party on Saturday, Nov 9, time TBA with two notaries depending on anticipated demand.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:06.

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