Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Council

7.20.2020 Minutes

Present: Nella Davis-Ray, Philip Eisenlohr, Jen Somerville, Ben Flietstra, Jennifer Castner, Diane Kearns, Jeff Johnson, Alan Munn, John Hays

Absent: None

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm by Ben Flietstra
  2. The board reviewed the minutes from the May 11, 2020 minutes. A motion was made and seconded to approve the January 27, 2020 minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
  3. Alan Munn provided a current version of the Treasurer’s report. There were no questions.
  4. On-Going Business
    1. Deed Restrictions
      1. John Hays provided an update on his discussion with Representative Brixie’s office on state legislation that would to prohibit any kind of segregation or discrimination in neighborhood associations. John noted there may be a vote in early September on the bill.
      2. The board discussed reviewing draft language if it is made available. John will lead.
      3. Discussion moved to whether signing parties to review the neighborhood covenants is still viable. The board all agreed that congregating people during the pandemic is still too risky and would send the wrong message. The board unanimously agreed to wait on the progress of the new legislation.
    2. Annual Meeting September 2020
      1. The board discussed the annual meeting. BFHN is required to hold one annual meeting. The board unanimously agreed for various reasons to hold the meeting virtually. Alan Munn volunteered to begin the meeting setup. The meeting will be held virtually on September 13, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
      2. The board discussed collecting dues. The annual meeting is where most people submit their dues. Alan is investigating the possibility of setting up a Paypal account.
      3. There was discussion on how the announcement would be made to the neighborhood as well as how people can sign up. Notice of the meeting will posted on the Facebook page, the neighborhood website, the newsletter and if possible by face-to-face communication.
    3. Communication
      1. The board discussed communication challenges from the board to the neighborhood. Several items were discussed and agreed upon with the commitment of more open and proactive discussion to the neighborhood from the board.
      2. The newsletter will be drafted by Nella Davis-Ray and reviewed by the board prior to distribution.
    4. New Board Members
      1. The board discussed openings due to retirements of current board members.
      2. Jennifer Caster will be resigning her post following the annual meeting. The board thanked her for all her efforts during her term.
      3. Jeff Johnson & John Hays both agreed to extend their terms if needed. 
      4. The board discussed potential new members and agreed to reach out to them.
    5. Welcoming New Neighbors:
      1. The board discussed two new neighbors on Oakland drive. Members will make their best effort to greet them and welcome them to the neighborhood.
  5. The next meeting will be the annual meeting to be held at 4 pm on September 13, 2020 virtually.
  6. The meeting was adjourned 8:29 pm.
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