2011, September 18



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011,  4 - 6 P.M.


     The neighborhood gathering began at 4 P.M. this year with a pot luck picnic, and board members provided a main dish, while others attending brought a dish to pass of their choice.  All table service and beverages were provided by the association.  During the first hour, people mingled, ate, and candidates running for East Lansing City Council and School Board were present to meet Brookfield neighbors.

     At 5 P.M., activities began for children, the balloon man, and teens to look after smaller kids during the meeting.  Our president, Rhoda Wolff, introduced the first speaker, Officer Jim Didion of the East Lansing Police Department Patrol Division, who spoke about Neighborhood Watch.  He was accompanied by Officer Chad Pride.  At 5:15 P.M. we had a chance to hear about the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s energy saving programs from Aileen Gow.

  1.  Call to Order

The  meeting was called to order by association president, Rhoda Wolff at 5:30 P.M. We began the meeting by all neighbors introducing themselves, and telling where they live.

  1.  President’s Report

Rhoda thanked the Red Cedar Cafe for sending a plate of cookies to our picnic, and to the Grand Traverse Pie Co. and contributing pies.  She also thanked the board members for their hard work this past year and the teenagers who helped out with babysitting little kids during the picnic.  A former, long time Brookfield resident who passed away in December, Verna Hodge, was recognized, and Kathy Prince gave a synopsis of Verna’s life.  Mums will be planted at the corner of Roseland, near Hagadorn in her memory.

III. Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the 2010 annual meeting were distributed by Judy Cunningham.  A motion to accept the minutes as written was made, seconded, and approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

Carl Lira presented the treasurer’s report in the absence of the current treasurer.  As of September 18, 2011, the association has $397.07 in it’s checking, $1834.21 in savings, for a total of $2231.28.

V. Nominations & Election of Board Members

Two elections were held this year due to the need to have the one year left of Tom Wibert’s term on the board filled.  Judy Putnam was nominated for that, a motion was made, seconded, and Judy was elected to the board.

The second election was to elect three people for three (3) year terms.  The following association members were nominated:

Dave Betts  185 Maplewood

Wayne Claycombe  261 Maplewood

Rhoda Wolff  1625 Roseland

A motion was made to approve these three people, seconded, and passed.

VI. Neighborhood Concerns

  1.  Concern was raised about the trees in our neighborhood.  Rhoda assured members that she will check with Pat Robinson and try to get a report on trees, and that it will be put on the website.
  2. A new Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Directory, paper copy will be coming out soon with updated information that we have.  It was mentioned that it is for our personal use, not for business purposes.
  3. The CATA study seems to not have anything new in the plans regarding light rail, but more likely enhanced bus service.


The meeting adjourned at 5:55 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Cunningham, Secretary


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