2015, September 13

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Meeting Notes from September 13, 2015 - Annual Picnic and Neighborhood Meeting

Roll Call

The meeting was attended by current Board members Judy Benedict, Beth Blythe, John Boughman, Jennifer Castner, Nancy Knupfer, Alan Munn, Dawn Parker, Kay Ruekberg, and Ed Swanson.

Proof of Due Notice of Meeting

Alan Munn (Treasurer) provided proof that adequate notice was provided prior to the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The minutes are posted on the BHNA website.

Treasurer’s Report

Alan Munn provided the Treasurer’s report. Alan encouraged residents to pay their association dues because it’s important that we have an active membership in case we need to represent the neighborhood in anything.

Executive Committees Statement of Affairs and Proposed Program

No statement of affairs and proposed program from the executive committee was presented.

Election of new Executive Committee Members

The BHNA welcomes the following new board members:

  • Mike Benedict, 147 Oakland
  • Philip Eisenlohr, 236 Oakland

In addition to the new members, Alan Munn agreed to serve for another year on the board.

New Business

A number of new neighbors introduced themselves.

BHNA President Ed Swanson discussed information he learned while attending various city meetings, including:

  • CATA plans for new transportation infrastructure along Grand River Ave.
  • Plans for handling the excessive deer population.

Adoption of Proposed Program

A motion was made to adopt the proposed program. The motion was seconded and approved.


Heather Robertson discussed this year’s plans for the annual neighborhood Halloween extravaganza. Kay Ruekberg announced that she is offering pet sitting services within the neighborhood.

Other business



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