2008, September 21

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

2008 Annual Meeting and Neighborhood Gathering


Sunday, September 21, 2008
3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
I.      Call to order
Alan Munn, Association Treasurer, called to order the meeting of the Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 21, 2008 on Maplewood Drive. NOTE: Start time was advertised as 3:00 but traditionally meeting starts at 4:00 so we started a half-hour late or earlyJ
II.      Approval of minutes from 2007 meeting
Nella Davis-Ray was unable to read the minutes from last year’s meeting. Previous secretary did not provide minutes. The minutes were considered approved as not read. J
III.      President’s Report As this was the alternate rain date, Peter had a previously arranged commitment that prevented his attendance. Alan Munn provided the following report:
·         Email Addresses – The Board would like to communicate as much as possible via email. All were encouraged to provide addresses.
·         2008 Garage Sale – Sale was a success, netted $699 for the Association. Group was reminded that the BHNA board would like to have another sale next year to coincide with East Lansing’s Project Pride cleanup, tentatively set for May 30, 2009.
·         Renting without a license. Group was reminded that there is an ordinance that allows three different levels of rental restrictions. Brookfield is a residential rental restriction overlay district R-O-2.Owners can only apply for a Class I rental license.
·         Thursday, September 25th (selection of officers and scheduling of 2008/2009 meetings)
IV.      Treasurer’s Report
·         Alan Munn reported that we currently have $1,800 in our Association’s account.
V.      Guest of Honor  - EL Mayor Vic Loomis attended the meeting. He was a resident of Brookfield for 13 years. Mayor Loomis reminded us of the importance of neighborhood associations to our quality of life and of our neighborhood. He provided an update on the following:
·         Residence Inn on Grand River – Marriott is not renewing their lease. Looking to build new facility in West Village. City does not want to see current facility converted to student housing. Occupancy by another extended stay company is likely.
·         East Village – MSU/City project. Prime real estate but no access for City residents to Red Cedar. This will be a mixed use project. The developer, Pierce Company is moving concept to development plan.
·         Brookfield Plaza, Country Market location – Phipps is looking for another grocery store. Three prospects, looking for a quality tenant. Has a new concept that neighbors should like.
·         Mayor Loomis listened to our concerns about estate sales on Maplewood, loss of “No turns of red” signs and shorten turn times at Grand River and Hagadorn.
VI.      Report on Trees
·         In Pat Robinson’s absence Nella Davis-Ray provided the following report: For Fall 2008 or Spring 2009 Pat has identified five locations for new trees; two of the locations are due to removal (147 & 244 Oakland), one is due to a sick ash that needs removal (235 Maplewood) and two are open areas (167 Maplewood and 237 Oakland). The association has applied for a MDNR Urban and Community Forestry Grant. If approved, grant will reimburse Association a max of $125/tree. Pat purchases trees from Discount Trees in Mason at $350/tree. Discount delivers and plants the trees. Pat purchases Autumn Blaze maples which a hybrid of the Silver maple.
VII.      Nomination for New Board Members  - There are four openings on the board due to the expiration of terms for Peter Knupfer (President), Judy Benedict(member at large) and John Hays(member at large), and the resignation of Ryan Fink (member at large) who moved out of the neighborhood. Three neighbors have agreed to fill three of the four openings, Joe Squires (Oakland), Kristin Rosenbrook (Oakland) and Jan Bernsten (Maplewood). Alan Munn informed the group that Peter Knupfer has agreed to stay on board if we did not have a fourth person to fill the last opening. No one opposed having Peter stay on the Board.
VIII.      New Business  - None
IX.      Adjournment
Alan Munn adjourned the meeting at approximately 6:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by: Nella Davis-Ray
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