2016, September 11

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association


Annual Meeting and Picnic

September 11, 2016

 The Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood annual meeting and picnic was held on Maplewood Drive on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The meeting was very well attended, with a number of neighbors attending their first annual meeting.

Visitor Introductions

Guest included a representative from Katie’s Compost, neighbor Linda Brundage (MI Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence), and School Board candidates Kath Edsall, Erin Graham, Hilary Henderson, Nichole Martin and, Robert Clark.

Roll Call

Roll call was held and many neighbors took the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Proof of Due Notice of Meeting

Proof of due notice was provided and approved by a voice vote.

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting

Copies of the previous annual meeting were available at the meeting and were approved by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Alan Munn reported that as of 06/30/2016 the neighborhood held $3,347.97 in its checking account and $449.34 in savings.

Tree Report

Pat Robinson provided an informative report about the neighborhood trees along with plans for replacing trees damaged in recent storms.

Changes in Electronic Communication

Carl Lira presented the neighborhood’s new communications strategy (phasing out the Listserv and relying on the website and Facebook). He also assisted neighbors with signing up to receive neighborhood messages.

Election of New Board Officers

New board members are Robert O’Meara, Kathy Prince, and Bill Martin. Outgoing members are Dawn Parker, Beth Blythe, and John Boughman.

 Other business



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