2018, September 9

  1. Roll Call established a quorum. 
  2. Minutes of last meeting were approved. 
  3. Neighbors introduced themselves.
  4. Treasurer Alan Munn (164 Oakland) summarized the financial situation of BHNA as listed in the distributed report. No substantial changes relative to former times. 
  5. Motion to accept the updated constitution passed
  6. The Board outlined the planned future steps to ultimately remove the (legally unenforceable) racial restrictions presently stated in the Brookfield subdivision covenants.
  7. City Council member Erik Altmann gave a brief update on the state of affairs of the City of East Lansing.
  8. Erin Compton (245 Oakland) updates the neighborhood on the fate of the Book Club.
  9. Members elected to the board were Kevin Poli, 217 Oakland (three-year term), Alan Munn, 164 Oakland (three-year term), Philip Eisenlohr, 236 Oakland (three-year term), and Heather Robinson, 240 N Hagadorn, to serve out the remainder of Kathy Prince’s term (2016–2019)

 There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  

 Minutes recorded by Philip Eisenlohr.

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