2022, Sept 18

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

Sept 18, 2022


  1. Roll call (Nella Davis-Ray & Gregory Woodard, Matt Kazmierski & Aimee Lashbrook, John & Pat Hays, John Boughman, Denise Moore, Beth Blythe, Gayle Lytle Lira & Carl Lira, Jim & Judy Cunningham, Jackie & Dwain Dumas, Anne & Philip Eisenlohr, Aaron Preuss & Jen Somerville, Beth Peck, Alan Munn, Tim Dawson, Erin & Chris Compton, Kathy Prince, Shanna & Andy Draheim, Steve Whelan, Pat Poli, Jan & Rich Bernstein, Candace Merkle, Rhoda Wolff, Tim & Amy Schmitt, Sally Lloyd, Judy Putnam, Jennifer Castner, Peggy Hall, Aretha Frebig & Sean Crosson, Chad Sigmon (and wife), Pat & Ed Robinson, Alice Schehr, Chelsea & Steve Beckman)
  2. Meeting started at 5:02 pm

  3. Past minutes:

    1. Motion made to approve 2020 BHNA minutes.  Motion seconded all approved with no objections.  

    2. Motion to approve 2021 BHNA minutes, seconded and all approved with no objections.  

  4. Alice Schehr gave the Treasurer’s Report

    1. $3,500 in account and collected $700 at the picnic, so balance of at least $4,200 in account.  This will all go to purchasing trees for the neighborhood and lanterns for winter solstice scheduled on December 21, 2022.

    2. Lanterns (Denise Moore) covered the process on distributing lanterns (bags, sand, and candles) and needs 3 captains to head up the project.  Each household will be given supplies for 10 lanterns.  Volunteers can reach out to Denise directly. 

    3. Ideas for holiday gatherings can go to Alice.

  5. John Hays – our covenant will be 100 years old in 2024.  

    1. Problem: our neighborhood board has no power to enforce the covenants or amend them.  It is the individual property owner that has the power to enforce or amend.  Amendment can only be done by 100% consent of all homeowners.  John has created consent forms that can be signed and witnessed (no need for a notary).  

    2. Covenant is up for renewal in 2024.  Once we have consensus to remove the racist language, the goal is to reprint the covenant minus the offensive language and that would be the new covenant in 2024.

    3. Ability to sign today if not completed already.  Will place forms in mailboxes of homes that have not signed with self-addressed envelope in an effort to collect those signatures.

  6. Pat Robinson gave an update on neighborhood trees

    1. 2 trees were planted last year (cost was $1,345)

    2. Hope there’s enough funding available to plant 2 more this year

    3. Top Notch Tree Group in Mason has 6-7 arborists on their team.  They will remove suckers from trees and grind stumps in our neighborhood.  

    4. Concerns about the tree on Hagadorn not surviving construction; Mr. Wahl said the City of East Lansing will replace it.

    5. When asked how many trees we need, Pat said 30

  7. New board members:

    1. 3 openings for 3-3 year positions (Nella Davis-Ray, Philip Eisenlohr, Jen Somerville)

    2. Matt Kazmierski, Mark Warner, and Pat Poli (unanimously supported, no objections)

  8. Reminders:

    1. We have a neighborhood Facebook page and neighborhood website – you must request access to these through webmaster (Carl Lira)

    2. Neighborhood directory will be updated and sent to those upon request

Meeting adjourned at 5:57 pm.

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