2009, September 13

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association
2009 Annual Meeting and Neighborhood Gathering
September 13, 2009
4- 6 pm
             I.      Call to Order
Tim Dawson, Association President, called to order the meeting of the Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 13, 2009.
          II.      Approval of minutes from 2008 meeting
Nella Davis-Ray, Association Secretary, provided copies of the minutes from last year’s meeting. Motion to accept the minutes as written was seconded and approved.  
       III.      Treasurer’s Report
Alan Munn, Association Treasurer, indicated that there was not much too report. The Association dues that are collected are used primarily to replace trees. Alan Munn reported that we currently have $_______ in our Association’s account. Alan indicated that receipts will be available for members paying dues today.
       IV.      New Neighbors
We had new neighbors that had moved into _____Roseland in just the past two weeks. The owners are a prekindergarten teacher and an analyst. Two of the three new residents at 108 Oakland Drive attended the meeting, introduced themselves and were welcomed to the neighborhood.
          V.      Report on Trees
Pat Robinson provided some history of the silver maple trees in our neighborhood. Pat encouraged all to call the City if you feel that you have a tree at the front of your home that you feel is creating a hazardous condition. The trees that we have been purchasing in recent years are a cross between silver & red maple, Autumn Blaze. The City is not as opposed to this species of maple. The Association plans on putting two trees this year at the cost of ~$900 total.
       VI.      Guest of Honor
Tom Weibert, EL Police Chief, attended the meeting. We were informed that crime inn our City is up this year but traffic accidents are down. Tom indicated that our neighborhood continues to be one of the safest in the City. Not much happens in this neighborhood J. Crime issues addressed by the police that we should be aware of:
-          Door rattling- Thieves will go door to door under the cloak of darkness changing to see which door is unlocked. We tend to make it too easy by leaving doors unlocked.
-          Larger than usual homeless population.
-          Door to door salesmen – For profit salesmen need city permit . Be wary , they should have their permits on them. Ask to see them.
    VII.      Nomination of New Board Members
There were four openings on the Board due to the expiration of terms for three members and one resignation. The following Association members were nominated:
Carl Lira, 131 Oakland Drive
Sally Lloyd, 216 Oakland Drive
Dave Drolshagen, 155 Maplewood
Tom Wibert
Members accepted their nominations. Motion to approve all four nominated members as new Board members passed.
 VIII.      New Business – None
       IX.      Adjournment
Tim Dawson adjourned the meeting at approximately 5:45 p.m. 
Minutes submitted by: Nella Davis -Ray


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