2012, September 9






     The 2012 annual gathering began on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 P.M. on Maplewood Avenue with a pot luck picnic and mingling among neighbors and invited guests first, and the business meeting last.  Main dishes, table service, and water to drink were provided by the board members while other neighbors were asked to bring a dish of their choice to pass, and a chair.  Invited guests were East Lansing’s mayor, Diane Goddeeris, mayor pro-tem Nathan Triplett, our city manager George Lahanas, and candidates running for school board in the November election.

     During this time, people had a chance to pay their $20.00 annual dues and to update email addresses, names, and phone numbers for the next neighborhood directory.

     At 5:00 P.M. activities for children began with babysitting and games provided by Rhoda’s Wolff’s son, Gus, and a balloon man who created animals and various other creatures for the children out of balloons.

  1.  Call to Order

     The meeting was called to order at 5:20 P.M. by our president, Rhoda Wolff.  Mayor Diane Goddeeris was introduced and spoke briefly about  her role as mayor of East Lansing, and about the need for strong neighborhoods.  She mentioned that the topic of stricter fireworks ordinances was being considered after many complaints this summer.

     Roll Call  followed.  One by one, everyone present introduced themselves to the group and told their address.

  1.  President’s Report

     Rhoda expressed thanks to all of the board members for their hard work this past year, especially to the ones leaving the board.  She thanked the guests from the city for coming, and all invited guests.  Special mention of sympathy was made regarding the recent death of long time neighbor, Manny Hackel.

  1.  Secretary’s Report

     Judy Cunningham distributed minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting for all to read.  There was no discussion.  After being moved and seconded, the minutes were accepted as read.

  1.  Treasurer’s Report

     The treasurer’s report was provided by Sally Lloyd and copies provided for all to see.  The ending balance at the MSU Federal Credit Union as of June 30, 2012 was savings balance of $1857.96, checking: $1243.27, PayPal: $19.12 =$3120.35.   For fiscal year 2012 dues were received from 56 of 94 neighbors. The treasurer’s report was accepted by the members present as presented.

  1.  Old Business

     Pat Robinson, our neighborhood “Tree Lady” presented a special report on the status and care of the silver maples, especially because of the heat and drought this summer.  Three trees will be replaced this fall by the neighborhood, each tree costing approximately $350.00.  Pat’s complete report Keeping our Trees Healthy”, can be found at www.brookfieldneighborhood.net.

  1.  New Business

     A proposal to revise portions of our neighborhood by-laws, which had not been changed since 1990, was presented to the members present.  Copies of the current and proposed revisions were distributed at the meeting and had been posted on our web site, as well as handed out door to door two weeks previous to the annual meeting.  After some discussion, with a quorum of households in attendance, a motion was made, seconded, and a vote taken that approved revising the by-laws.

     There was further discussion which was begun by neighbor Pat Robinson regarding Article VII, Section 2 of the Constitution which states that announcement of the annual meeting has to be mailed to people, not hand carried.  It was decided that a board member will check with the city about this, since this may no longer be so.

  1.  Nominations and Elections of Officers

     There are four board vacancies to be filled this year,  three are (3) three year terms, and (1) one is a one year term.  Nominations were opened from the members present and were Erica Beattie, Nancy Knupfer, Mary Beth Blythe, and Alan Munn.  A motion was made to close the nominations, all four accepted, and were elected by the neighbors to the board.

  1.  Adjournment

     After thanking everyone for attending, Rhoda adjourned the meeting at 6:20 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Judy Cunningham



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