Minutes from Board Meetings


Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Council

10.14.21 Minutes

Present: Jeff Johnson, Nella Davis-Ray, John Hays, Steve Whelan, Gail Lytle Lira, Alice Schehr, Steve Beckman, Jennifer Somerville

Absent: Philip Eisenlohr

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Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Board

10.12.2020 Minutes

Present: Ben Flietstra, John Hays, Steve Whalen, Philip Eisenlohr, Diane Kearns, Nella Davis-Ray, Jeff Johnson, Jennifer Somerville

Absent: Alan Munn

1.    The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm by Ben Flietstra

2.    Board reviewed the meeting minutes from the July 20, 2020 BHNA Board meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the July 20, 2020 minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.  

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Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Council

1.27.2020 Minutes

 Present: Jeff Johnson, Philip Eisenlohr, John Hays, Nella Davis-Ray, Ben Flietstra, Diane Kearns

Absent:  Jennifer Somerville, Jennifer Castner, Alan Munn

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Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Council

7.20.2020 Minutes

Present: Nella Davis-Ray, Philip Eisenlohr, Jen Somerville, Ben Flietstra, Jennifer Castner, Diane Kearns, Jeff Johnson, Alan Munn, John Hays

Absent: None

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Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Council

5.11.2020 Minutes

Present: Jeff Johnson, Philip Eisenlohr, John Hays, Ben Flietstra, Diane Kearns, Alan Munn, Jennifer Castner

Absent:  Jennifer Somerville, Nella Davis-Ray

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Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Board

October 7, 2019


Present: Alan Munn, Jeff Johnson, Philip Eisenlohr, John Hays, Nella Davis-Ray, Ben Flietstra, Jennifer Somerville, Jennifer Castner

Absent: Diane Kearns

 We approved the minutes from the 7/29/2020. Jennifer Castner will recirculate the minutes from the meeting to new board members.

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BHNA Board Minutes

July 29, 2019


Present: Phil Eisenlohr, John Hays, Bill Martin, Jennifer Castner,  Heather Robertson, Alan Munn, Hassan Alizadeh

Absent: Kevin Poli, Jeff Johnson         Guests: Nicole Bartell (Asst to City Manager, EL)

1. Call to order

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